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best 5 hiking trekking poles review 2017If you have planned your hiking trip, don’t forget to take all the required equipment with you that may you need time to time on different occasions. This may be a compass, a sunscreen, a headlamp, a satellite phone or can be anything. A trekking pole is one of the necessary tools that every hiker must take with them while leaving for their hiking adventure. Trekking poles help support and stabilize you when carrying heavy loads decrease impact on knees and significantly reduce strain on leg muscles. Most poles can be used for any hiking activity but backpackers and anyone concerned about weight consider lighter options. Trekking poles are designed to compress for easy transport and extend for use. In this article, we have reviewed some best hiking trekking poles and briefly explained the things to keep in considerations when choosing hiking trekking poles. So let’s have a look at best 5 hiking trekking poles review 2017.

Anti-Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles

These trekking poles are made of very lightweight durable aluminum material. Poles contain anti-shock springs that help in trekking the poles quite easily. The design of hand grips is unique that assist in gripping the poles comfortably. Poles have the capacity to stretch from 26.5 to 53 inches. There is a mud basket attached to each pole that can be used in mud hiking.

Potential Drawbacks:
There is no any major flaw to these trekking poles but the anti-shack system may be stuck sometimes upon applying continuous pressure on them.

Overall Value:
The price of anti-shock trekking trail poles is very competitive when you look at overall product quality. Probably the highest selling trekking poles over the internet.

Collapsible Carbon Fiber Hiking Trekking Poles

These poles are made of very durable carbon fiber material which makes it easy to minimize the impact on joints and eliminate any noise make due to continuous pole stretchiness. They have simple lock technology that helps in adjusting the length of poles according to requirements. Cork grips which keep the hands dry for short and long hikes as well.

Potential Drawbacks:
Currently, there is no any negative thing relates to these hiking trekking poles.

Overall Value:
The Collapsible carbon fiber hiking trekking poles are the value of the money. These poles have over 90%, positive customer feedback which makes easy for newbies to make the decision for purchasing. Suitable not only for hiking but can be also used for camping, climbing and many other outdoor activities.

Weanas Folding Hiking Trekking Pole with EVA Foam Handle

A very special kind of material (a mixture of different metals with aluminum) is used in this pole which is very durable and long lasting. The best part of this stick is easy folding that after can be put in bag comfortably. The length of the pole can be adjusted from 44 to 54 inch using quick-flip lock system which is suitable for people with about 5’4” to 6’4” tall.

Potential Drawbacks:
Tips of this pole may have some issues when you go for hiking in mud. Some buyers have a concern on the lower section of the pole which sometimes jams during stretching.

Overall Value:
This trekking pole comes at a relatively low price which is a great thing for buyers. Mostly recommended for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Real Nordic PT. 32 Lengths Hiking Trekking Poles

These poles are the result of different composite materials which make them stand out in durability and comfortability. They come with rubber tips/asphalt paws for hard surfaces. The grip on these poles is excellent. Capable of bearing huge weight. These can be used in a city or up in the mountains.

Potential Drawbacks:
Yet it seems no any issues with the durability of these trekking poles.

Overall Value:
The price of nordic trekking poles is little high but where durability matters, it overcomes the price. More than 90% buyers have shown their trust in this product. Ideal for old age people and newbies to hiking.

Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

Very light but durable material is used in these trekking poles which makes them comfortable and very handy in nature. Their simple lock system enable the hikers to adjust the length of poles as per their requirements. The main feature of poles is that they can be folded and then put in the backpack easily.

Potential Drawbacks:
The lock system seems a bit weak part of these poles as it may be damage on applying too much pressure on the pole.

Overall Value:
This product has been priced quite well. Compatible with all kind of easy to difficult terrains. Recommended for men, women, and kids.

Guide and Tips on Choosing the Best Hiking Trekking Poles

There are various brands of hiking trekking poles available in the market. In order to make a good selection of trekking poles out of these brands, it is important to know the functionalities of each part associated with these poles. We have given the brief explanation of each part so take a look at them.

Poles Lock System

Poles use different locking mechanisms to stay extended, some pole sections twist into each other but most use a clamp like a lock clip style. Locks flick open and closed quickly and easily for fast length adjustment and are very secure.

Poles Shaft System

The shaft of a trekking pole can be made of either aluminum or carbon fiber. Aluminum poles are durable and strong in every direction it may bend under severe loads but are unlikely to break completely. Poles made from carbon fiber are also strong absorbed vibration and are the most sturdy under downward force but more vulnerable than aluminum to damage when flexed. They are the lightest option making them not only easy to pack but also lighter in the hand and easier to swing.

Poles Grips

Poll grips are made of different materials which can be of foam, cork or rubber.

Foam Grips

Foam grips are soft and durable and can absorb sweat very quickly. Poles with foam grips are mostly used in spring when the weather is too hot.

Cork Grips

Cork grips conform to the shape of your hand over time. They evaporate sweat quickly and are lightweight in nature.

Rubber Grips

Some trekking poles use rubber grips which are good when wearing gloves but that should be avoided for summer use as they can cause blisters on your bare hands. Some of these grips also extend down the shaft which can be useful if you want to hold the pole lower for brief steep sections of your hike to reduce the impact on your wrists and arms.

Poles with Basket

Some poles come with a small basket near the tip to keep from snagging between rocks or sinking into the mud. Most are also compatible with larger baskets for use in snow trekking.

Pole Tips

Pole tips are usually carbide which gives them great grip and dirt rock and even on ice if you use your poles on concrete or asphalt consider buying rubber tips to protect the carbide and the ground.


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