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It’s hard to overstate how far good climbing foot technique can take your climbing. When you focus on technique, you’ll find that the moves click into place and you start to float up roots that used to be out of reach technique is a huge topic so we’re going to introduce a few key concepts that you can work. In this article, we are going to cover the importance of your feet ways to help maintain balance and techniques. Check best climbing ropes Climbing Foot Technique

For efficient climbing, feet are the foundations of climbing. Lots of beginners try to pull themselves up the wall and quickly tire out think about climbing. A Ladder that you do not pull yourself up, you should step up and use your arms and hands for balance it is the same and climbing.

There are two basic climbing foot techniques for using your feet in face climbing, edging and smearing. Edging is same as what it looks like you step on a hold with the rubber on the edge of your shoe you most often use the inside edge to make use of your big toe for stability. But you can also edged with the outside of your shoe which side you use depends mostly on which direction you need to move to get onto or off of the hold you’re smearing.

Anytime you don’t have an actual foothold and you’re relying on the friction of your shoe’s rubber against the rock smearing is especially useful in slab climbing. When you’re on low angle rock without many defined foot holds, then you need to smear look for any bumps or dips that will give a little extra friction or flatten out the angle.

For better purchase, there are a couple other things to think about that will help you stay on your feet. It’s usually easier to stay in balance when your feet are directly below you so keep an eye out for footholds in good positions you want to be looking for.

Foot placements even more than for hand hold. Once you set your foot, try to keep it still so you have a better chance of staying on the hold. As you make your next move it also helps especially when you’re smearing to keep your heel low with a low heel.

There’s plenty of rubbers against the rock for extra friction and if your heels too high when you shift your weight onto your foot, you can lever it right off the wall. When you’re lucky enough to have a line of jugs leading straight up the wall climbing is pretty intuitive.

When you start having to move and pull in different directions how you use your body to maintain balance becomes essential. For example, think about a time that you have to use a hole that’s out to the side and you can’t pull straight down unless you find a way to counter the force of that side pole you lose balance and barn door off the wall.

There are a lot of ways to stay balanced you could press your foot in the opposite direction of the pole to create counter-pressure you could create counter force by pulling in the opposite direction with either your other hand or a hooked foot or you can just lean over hard and use your body weight as a counter-balance.

There are a few tricks that will help you use less energy and give your muscles a break as you climb. Climbers love to say straight arms are happy arms. The idea is that when you straighten your arm, your skeleton takes the weight not your muscles when you have even a slight bend in your elbow. Your muscles are working to hold it there with fully straight arms. Most of the force goes to your bones to help you straighten out your arms on weight vertical or slightly overhanging rock.

Focus on your hips beginners often keep their hips squared to the wall which pushes your weight away from the wall instead try to keep one hip pushed up against the wall. This way your weight is over your feet and you can lean back with straight arms. Another benefit to keeping your hip close to the wall is that it also brings your shoulder closer having your shoulder closed changes the angle of Pole on hand holds.

It makes them easier to grip and of course keep your eyes on the wall and don’t just focus on the chalk marks, look for Hold that will let you take a quick rest. Good feet are especially helpful when you find a rest try to get your pulse down and shake out your arms and they don’t get pumped.

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