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How to choose best helmet for climbing

While in search of best helmet for climbing, the first question you may have is why do you need toBest Helmet for Climbing wear a helmet well there are two main reasons one is falling rock from above either naturally occurring or another climber caused it. The other reason is if you fall, you want to have something to protect you especially if you’re taking a swinging fall.

The first thing to look at while choosing helmet is the shell material. There are two main types one is a light foam style that’s kind of like a bike helmet. The other is a hard plastic shell that is much heavier but it’s also going to be a lot more durable with a shell.

The next most important feature is the comfort. A best helmet for climbing has a quality to make a climber feels comfortable when he is on high streaks of mountains.  There are different ways of making them comfortable. Some of them use very squishy soft foam.

Others use a kind of harder closed cell foam that maybe breathes a little better. It really depended on personal preference because you may prefer it to ventilate a little better or you might prefer it to have real squishy foam that doesn’t breathe quite as well.

The next thing to look at is the chin straps. They all are a little different some are really easy to get the sizing right away. For others, you really have to work little harder but it takes maybe a few minutes to get right. Once you got it right, they all will do pretty well.

Most helmets come with some type of tightening system in the back and have wheels on them which make it really easy as with just one hand you can get it tight and loose. All helmets use similar wheels and they all work with same functionalities.

A lot of people say that shape of helmet is not important considering it mainly a life safety piece of equipment. Some people may also prefer good shape of helmets over the quality and functionalities of climbing helmets. Let’s take a look at some best helmet for climbing.

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet For Climbing

  • Co-molded EPS foam with polycarbonate shell is lower profile than the Vector
  • Geometric, open-air design provides unparalleled airflow
  • Ratchet adjuster with molded push buttons
  • Headlamp clips are removable for reduced snagging on slings and clothing

Vent 2 Helmet By Vertex (Orange)


  • Shock absorption achieved through deformation of the outer shell
  • Strong chinstrap (more than 50 daN) limits the risk of losing the helmet during a fall
  • Six-point textile suspension conforms perfectly to the shape of the head
  • CenterFit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps the helmet centered on the head
  • Vent holes with sliding shutters allow the ventilation to be adjusted as needed while wearing the helmet

Vector Climbing Helmet Glacial Blue S/M Black Diamond

  • Co-molded EPS foam with a polycarbonate shell keeps the weight low
  • Large ventilation ports for maximum airflow without sacrificing protection
  • Ratcheting strap with molded push buttons for quick, secure micro-adjustments
  • Suspension system can be tucked away inside the helmet for more compact storage in packs or haul bags
  • Fabric covered foam pads increase comfort
  • Clips permanently molded into the shell provide secure headlamp attachments

Branded Elia Climbing Helmet By Petzl


  • Comfortable on the head
  • Adjusts to head shape
  • Designed to offer maximum durability and versatility
  • Adapts easily to the activity
  • Omega headband system specially designed for easy donning and removal of helmet quick and easy headband adjustment

Camp USA Armour Climbing Helmet

  • Hybrid construction
  • New rotating size adjustment wheel
  • Comfort chin strap
  • Headlamp compatible
  • UIAA 106 / EN 12492 certified

Adjustable Rock Climbing Outdoor Helmet By Zowaysoon


  • Max head circumference: 24.4 inches; Minimum head circumference: 20.4 inches; Inner shell Material: imported black EPS
  • The ventilation slats in the top of the helmet breath correctly and the headlamp clasp-things on the front and back are a really nice feature.
  • The chin strap and buckles are placed just right so that nothing rubs uncomfortably on my face, jaw, chin, etc.
  • The helmet is pretty comfortable and ridge, really light, sturdy and very portable, its fits perfect when you adjust the straps and twist the knob in the back.
  • Easy release for when you remove it, you can use it to fine tune a tight fit on your head, Straps are easy to adjust and are soft not to bite into your neck. Extremely light, extremely comfortable, breezy, easy adjustments.

Junior Titan Climbing Helmet By Camp USA

  • ABS injection molded shell
  • Assembled without rivets or screws
  • Fast and easy to disassemble for washing and cleaning
  • Spider suspension framework offers exceptional comfort and ventilation
  • 4 Burly headlamp holder clips

Extra-Light Helmet PP for Rock Climbing Zipline Unisex


  • A universal helmet for all kinds of sports (climbing, via Ferrata, canyoning, caving and ski alpine.
  • The comfortable design uses lightweight, quality materials to ensure high-levels of safety.
  • Equipped with holders for headlamp; 6 ventilation holes to make a breathable and comfortable wear condition
  • Easy to adjust the size to suit your head
  • Certification(s) : CE 1019 EN 12492 and UIAA

Hope this guide will help you in taking decision for selecting the best helmet for climbing.