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What is Hiking

Hiking means long distanced walk that can also be termed as walk on trails. As the word “walk” uses for short form of pedestrian walk. It is an act of walking on trails for recreational purposes.Hiking - Outacts

Hike that can be done in a single day is referred to a Day Hike. Walking over the mountain areas is called Hill Walking. It sometimes involves bushwhacking that refers to walking through tough and warfare areas.


Hiking is basically to encourage the taste of nature’s bounties such as walking through mountains, river, lakes, forests etc. The equipment for hike depends upon the duration and nature of hike. But the hikers generally carry at least water, food, map and a shelter.


Most of hikers wear sturdy boots for backpacking and mountain walking as protection from tough terrain and to enhance the stability level. The mountaineers recommend 10 necessary equipment for hiking including a flashlight, a first aid kit, fire starter, a knife, sunglasses,  hat, gloves,  blanket , Insect repellent and a navigation device.


Weather is a very important factor of hiking as it helps in deciding whether to go for it or what parameters have to set before preparing for long distanced walking. Human waste is the main source of environmental changes. When it rains, human waste mix into the rain water and chemical reactions take place and diffuses fetal gases which after become the cause of fetal diseases.


Hiking can be a threat for personal safety as dangerous terrain, bad weathers, becoming lost and unfit medical condition are its major causes. Other threats include attack by animals like tiger and bear, contact with hazardous plants which may affect your body skin and physical conditions.


Before go for hiking, make a detailed plan covering all the aspects from purpose of hike to way back to home. It will help you to have wonderful experience of hike. Find out here more about hiking.